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The unique facade and interior of our building the Union Theatre, built in 1910 as one of the first purpose-built cinema houses in the country, provides a filmic experience nonpareil.

For direct filming contact email film(at)

The Velaslavasay Panorama is located near Downtown LA in the Historic West Adams District. It is a two-story building - private offices are on the second story and the theatre, lobby and public areas are located on the first floor, with ramps which make load-in easy from the street or back lot. 


Insurance required? Yes.

Deposit required? Yes, a $500 deposit is required to book.

Square Footage? 11,000.

Number of Restrooms? Three.

Fridge? Yes, but not for catering use.

Chairs? Yes, there is a selection of up to 15 wooden chairs.

Trailers allowed? Yes.

Printer? Yes.

Microwave? Yes.

Tables? Yes, a selection of 5 tables of various sizes.

A/C? Yes, in some areas such as the theatre, dressing room & offices.

Heater? Yes, in some areas such as the theatre, dressing room & offices.

Sink? Yes.

Pets allowed? Yes.

Child-talent allowed? Yes.

Generator allowed? Yes.

Furniture/wall art movement allowed? Some for additional fees.

Movable Furniture? Some, theatre seats are not removable.

Drones allowed? Yes.

Mobile/cellular network reception? Yes.

Noise restrictions? Some past 9:00pm

Ground floor or elevator/stair access? Theatre, restrooms, lobby and garden are all located on the first floor. The second floor has stair access only.

Can you record clean dialogue? Yes.

What is noise in the surrounding area like? City.

How many outlets are available? Where are they? There are several in every room.

What is the natural light like? There is very limited natural light throughout the interior.

Are all areas of the space accessible for production purposes (including the exterior)? Yes, except for the panorama viewing hall.

Will there be an on-site manager present during the booking? Yes.

What are the parking and load-in / load out options on site? There is a loading zone in the front and a parking lot with ramps in the back lot. The back lot can accommodate up to 4 vehicles.

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